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The Show is a mockumentary about a low-budget theater production, where a washed-up playwright prepares to make his comeback, unpredictable actors try to make sense of a terrible script, and a director and stage manager attempt to wrangle them all together for opening night.

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Episode 1: Pilot

An aspiring theatre director, Devon Rhodes, and his stage manager, Rose Stilton, are looking to catch their big break when they receive a call from legendary playwright, Evan Carr. They happily accept his offer to produce his comeback show, only to find out that Mr. Carr maybe more washed up than legendary. 

Episode 2: Callbacks

With auditions behind them, Dev and Rose must come to a decision on who to cast, but Evan has picks of his own.

Episode 3: Table Read

With the roles cast, Dev and Rose bring the whole cast and crew together for the table read.

Episode 4: Rehearsal

Rehearsals begin as Diane, Tony, Roman, and Patricia give an in-depth look at their process for developing their characters.

Episode 5: Hell Week

After weeks of rehearsals, the cast and crew are ready to put the play up on it's feet for 'hell week', the 7 days leading up to opening night. 

Episode 6: The Heart of the Fire

It's opening night, but Dev and Rose have their doubts about whether the show will be a complete success or an epic failure.

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